What triggers karma?

What triggers karma?

30 Sec Answer: Karma is a moral law of cause and effect, where an individual’s actions can determine their future outcomes. It is triggered by intentions, thoughts, words, and deeds.


Karma is an ancient concept from Indian religion and philosophy that suggests what goes around comes around. Essentially, it means that if you do something good, then you will experience good things in return; similarly, if you do something bad, then you will experience bad things in return. It has been described as a “law of moral causation” – the idea that our actions have consequences, both positive and negative. In this article we’ll explore how karma works and what triggers it.

What Is Karma?

Karma is a Sanskrit term which literally translates to "action" or "deed". In Hinduism, Buddhism and Jainism it refers to the principle of cause and effect – meaning that your actions will have an impact on future events. The law of karma states that whatever action or deed one does today will eventually come back to them in some form in the future. It is believed that one’s present situation is largely determined by their past deeds, but also their current ones.

How Does Karma Work?

Karma works through a cycle of cause and effect. This means that for every action there will be an equal reaction – either in this lifetime or the next. Every action creates a vibration which reverberates throughout the universe; thus creating a ripple effect which ultimately affects other people’s lives too. This ripple effect is why karma is often referred to as a type of “cosmic justice” since it brings about balance and harmony between individuals in society.

What Triggers Karma?

The key trigger for karma is intention. According to Buddhist philosophy, all thoughts, words and deeds arise out of intention (cetana). Intentions are powerful forces that shape our destiny because they reflect our deepest desires and motivations. Therefore when we act with good intentions we create positive vibrations in the universe; conversely when we act with bad intentions we create negative vibrations.

Thoughts Triggering Karma

Thoughts play a major role in triggering karma because they influence our behaviour and shape our decisions. Our thoughts can be both conscious or unconscious – the latter being more powerful because they are deeply rooted within us. All thoughts carry energy with them, so when we think positive thoughts we create positive energy; likewise when we think negative thoughts we create negative energy. Thus our thought patterns directly affect the level of karma that we accumulate over time.

Words Triggering Karma

Words also play an important part in triggering karma as they have tremendous power to shape our reality. When we speak positively and truthfully this creates positive vibrations which help bring us closer to achieving our goals; however when we speak negatively or untruthfully this creates negative vibrations which impede progress towards success. Thus speaking kindly and honestly helps create better relationships with others while also generating more favourable outcomes for ourselves.

Deeds Triggering Karma

Finally deeds also play an important role in triggering karma as they represent tangible acts of kindness or cruelty towards others. Acts of kindness such as helping someone in need generate positive karma whereas acts of cruelty such as stealing from another person generate negative karma. It is believed that no matter how small an act may seem it still generates some sort of cosmic response from the universe which either reinforces or punishes the deed accordingly depending on its nature.


To sum up, karma is triggered by intentions, thoughts, words, and deeds; each playing a significant role in shaping our fate according to universal laws of cause and effect. By focusing on cultivating positive habits such as thinking kind thoughts, speaking truthfully and acting generously towards others one can start to build up good karma which should result in more favourable experiences down the line!

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