What is the dharma of a wife?

What is the dharma of a wife?

30 Sec Answer: The dharma of a wife is to create and sustain a loving, supportive, and strong relationship with her husband and his family by providing care, respect, trust, understanding, and selflessness.


The term ‘dharma’ has various meanings in different religions and cultures. In Hinduism, the word is used to describe an individual’s moral duty or obligations in life. This includes not only one’s religious duties but also their responsibilities as members of society. A wife is expected to fulfill certain roles and perform certain actions that are in line with her dharma. Here we will explore what it means to be a good wife according to Hindu tradition and how this translates into modern life.

What is the Definition of Dharma?

In Hinduism, the definition of dharma is often described as "righteousness," which refers to a person’s adherence to moral laws and principles. These can be found in sacred texts such as the Vedas, Upanishads, Puranas, Smritis, etc. Dharma can also refer to one’s karma or fate in life – what they have been preordained to do in this world. It is believed that if someone lives their life according to their dharma then they will ultimately achieve moksha (liberation) from the cycle of birth and death.

How Does One Attain Moksha?

Moksha can be achieved by following three paths – Karma Yoga (the path of action), Jnana Yoga (the path of knowledge) and Bhakti Yoga (the path of devotion). Through these paths individuals seek enlightenment by understanding the truth about themselves and the universe around them. By living a life in accordance with their dharma they will gain spiritual liberation from material attachments and desires.

What Is The Duty Of A Wife According To Dharma?

A wife’s primary responsibility is to take care of her husband and his family. She should treat him with respect, provide emotional support, understand his needs, serve him loyally and protect him from harm. She must always remain faithful to him regardless of any external circumstances or temptations that may come her way.

How Can A Wife Provide Support And Care For Her Husband?

A wife should strive to create a strong bond between herself and her husband through love and affection. She should offer emotional support when needed while being patient when he makes mistakes or fails at something. She should give him space when he needs it while still showing him she cares for him deeply through her words and actions. Above all else she should never lose faith in him or give up on him no matter how difficult things may become at times.

How Can A Wife Respect Her Husband?

Respecting your husband means accepting who he is as an individual without judgement or criticism. You should appreciate his talents and qualities while encouraging him to reach his full potential. You should show appreciation for the little things he does for you every day without expecting anything in return from him. Above all else you must never belittle him or compare him unfavorably with other men since this will only lead to resentment between you two over time.

What Are Some Other Ways A Wife Can Show Trust To Her Husband?

Trust is one of the most important aspects of any relationship, especially between a husband and wife. A wife must be able to trust her husband completely if she wants their marriage to last for years together happily. She should never doubt his decisions without discussing them first since this would undermine his authority within the household; instead she should believe in him even when he makes mistakes because everyone makes them once in awhile! Moreover, she should not pry into his personal matters unless absolutely necessary since this could make him feel violated or disrespected by her intrusion into his privacy.

How Should A Wife Show Understanding Towards Her Husband?

Understanding is key when it comes to having a successful marriage where both partners are happy with each other’s presence long-term. As a wife you must try your best to comprehend your husband’s point of view even if it differs from yours significantly so that there are no misunderstandings between the two of you due to differing opinions on various issues related to finances, parenting style etcetera etcetera…you get the idea! Furthermore, you must actively listen when your partner speaks instead of just waiting for your turn so that your feelings don’t get buried beneath those of another person during conversations about delicate topics like money management etcetera…so pay attention!

What Role Does Selflessness Play In The Relationship Of A Wife With Her Husband?

Selflessness is one trait that every good wife should possess because it shows true dedication towards making her marriage work for many years without fail! Being selfless means putting your spouse before yourself even if it requires sacrificing something important like spending quality time alone together or going out shopping together on weekends etcetera…in other words: put them first before yourself sometimes too! Moreover, doing small acts like offering compliments randomly or helping out around the house more than usual goes a long way towards building mutual trust between couples too – so don’t forget about these either!

What Are Some Other Responsibilities That Come Along With The Dharma Of A Wife?

Apart from caring for her husband’s welfare emotionally as well as spiritually there are other responsibilities that come along with being married according to Hindu tradition such as fulfilling familial duties i.e looking after elderly relatives/parents-in-law; respecting cultural traditions; participating actively in festivals & rituals; maintaining good relations with extended family members etcetera…all these require immense dedication & patience on part of a woman who takes upon herself such responsibilities willingly without feeling burdened or uncomfortable – so kudos if you can manage all this successfully!


To sum it up briefly: The dharma of a wife involves creating & sustaining a loving & strong relationship with her husband & his family by providing care ,respect ,trust ,understanding & selflessness . Following one’s Dharma leads towards achieving moksha & ultimate salvation which makes adhering firmly onto its guidelines all the more important – because at end we want our marriages filled with love ,peace & happiness right?! So don’t hesitate ,just go ahead make your marital journey worthwhile !

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