What is dharma of a husband?

What is dharma of a husband?

30 Sec Answer: The dharma of a husband is to provide financial support, emotional and physical protection, and lead the family with good values.

What is Dharma of a Husband?

Dharma is an important part of Hindu culture, which refers to one’s moral responsibility. It is believed that following one’s Dharma leads to peace, satisfaction and spiritual growth in life. In Hinduism, every person has their own unique Dharma, depending on their gender, age, occupation etc. In this article, we will be discussing the Dharma of a husband.

Definition of Dharma

The literal meaning of Dharma is “duty” or “right path”. This can be further divided into four parts: Artha (wealth), Kama (pleasure), Moksha (spiritual liberation) and Dharma (ethics). According to Hindu scriptures, these are the goals of life and each person should strive towards achieving them. As per Dharmashastras, Dharma can be described as a set of laws or regulations that govern how individuals must conduct themselves in society. It includes codes for both personal behaviour as well as social morality.

Types of Dharma

There are two main types of dharma:

  1. Nitya-dharma: This refers to the duties and responsibilities assigned to a person according to his/her varna (caste) and ashrama (stage in life). These duties may include religious practices such as prayer and rituals or ethical activities like charity.
  2. Kāmya-dharma: This refers to the individual desires or ambitions of a person which he/she must strive to fulfill in order to attain happiness and fulfilment in life. For example, if a man desires to become wealthy then he must work hard towards achieving that goal by engaging in honest business practices etc.

Role & Responsibilities of A Husband

A husband has many roles and responsibilities that he needs to take up in order to live up to his dharma. Some of these are mentioned below:

Financial Support

One of the most important roles of a husband is to provide financial support for his family. He needs to ensure that all the necessary expenses are taken care off without fail so that his family can live comfortably without worrying about money issues.

Emotional Support

A husband should also be there for his wife emotionally by providing her with love, understanding and support when she needs it most. He should always listen attentively to what she has to say and try his best to make her feel valued within the relationship.

Physical Protection

It is also important for a husband to protect his wife physically from any harm that may come her way either from outside sources or from within the family itself. He should always ensure that she is safe at all times and never let anyone mistreat her in any way whatsoever.

Good Values

A husband should also strive to lead his family by setting good examples with his own actions and behavior. He should try his best to inculcate positive values in his children so they grow up with strong moral principles and follow the right path throughout their lives.


In conclusion, it can be said that the dharma of a husband involves providing financial support, emotional and physical protection, and leading the family with good values so as to create a harmonious environment at home where everyone can grow together peacefully.

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