What are the 10 aspects of Dharma?

What are the 10 aspects of Dharma?

30 Sec Answer: Dharma is an essential part of Hinduism and can be understood as the law that governs our lives. It encompasses aspects such as truthfulness, morality, justice, patience, hard work, dedication, commitment, respect for others, courage, and non-violence.

What is Dharma?

Dharma is an ancient Sanskrit term meaning “that which holds” or “right conduct” in Hinduism. It includes the duties of individuals towards each other, how they should live their lives in accordance with the natural laws of the universe, and all activities related to religion and spiritual practices.

How Is Dharma Related To Hinduism?

In Hinduism, dharma is considered one of four goals in life (the other three being artha (material wealth), kama (pleasure) and moksha (liberation). It serves as a guide to living a meaningful life according to Hindu beliefs and values. As such it is an integral part of the belief system and lifestyle of Hindus.

What Are The 10 Aspects Of Dharma?

The 10 aspects of dharma are truthfulness, morality, justice, patience, hard work, dedication, commitment, respect for others, courage and non-violence. These are the guiding principles for leading a moral life according to Hinduism. Let us explore them further:

1. Truthfulness

Truthfulness means speaking only what is true and not lying or exaggerating facts. It involves having integrity and being honest in all dealings. This helps create trust between people and builds strong relationships based on mutual understanding and respect.

2. Morality

Morality refers to abiding by ethical standards while making decisions or taking action. This could involve following religious principles such as karma yoga (selfless service) or ahimsa (non-violence). Being morally upright also means avoiding actions like gossiping or stealing which cause harm to others.

3. Justice

Justice involves treating everyone fairly without bias or prejudice based on factors such race, gender or class. It requires upholding laws made by governments while also ensuring no one is wronged in any way. This ensures harmony within societies where all individuals feel safe and protected from discrimination or injustice.

4. Patience

Patience involves maintaining composure in difficult situations or when faced with delays or setbacks. It requires having self-control so that anger or frustration does not lead to rash behaviour which could worsen a situation instead of improving it. Practicing patience can help bring peace of mind even during stressful times.

5. Hard Work

Hard work refers to dedicating oneself to achieve something without expecting instant results or rewards. It involves staying disciplined despite facing challenges along the way and continuing efforts until the desired outcome is achieved. Having this attitude helps one remain motivated even when faced with adversity in life.

6. Dedication

Dedication refers to giving priority to something important even if it takes time away from other activities or pleasures .It involves focusing on objectives with enthusiasm until success is achieved regardless of obstacles encountered during the process . Being dedicated leads to inner satisfaction knowing that effort was put into achieving something worthwhile despite difficulties faced along the way .

7 Commitment

Commitment means being devoted to something wholeheartedly until the end without wavering due to external influences . This could include dedicating oneself towards a profession , pursuing higher education , practising spirituality etc . Remaining committed despite temptations brings great satisfaction once goals have been accomplished .

8 Respect For Others

Respecting others means valuing their thoughts , opinions , cultures , customs etc without judgement . It also includes showing kindness through words , deeds and body language while also listening attentively without interrupting conversations . Having respect for others creates an environment where everyone feels comfortable enough to share ideas openly without fear of ridicule or rejection .

9 Courage

Courage involves facing fears with strength instead of running away from them . It may require doing something risky for a greater good or speaking up about injustices even when majority might oppose . Being courageous allows one to break out from societal norms that restrict growth thus inspiring confidence in those around him/her .

10 Non Violence

Non violence involves refraining from causing physical , mental , emotional or spiritual harm towards anyone including animals and plants . This may mean abstaining from eating meat , defending someone’s rights without resorting to aggression etc . Taking this approach promotes love , empathy , compassion and understanding among people thereby creating peace within communities across boundaries

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